Soft Actuator

Actuators have been vigorously utilized in many applications in modern society these days. The need of soft-surfaced actuator that can produce soft movement is increasing, researchers are focusing on potential research where soft actuator can be useful in producing higher flexibility in its movement in various applications of robotics and automation, for example; in object transportation, swimming robot, endoscopy insertion, micro manipulation of handling micro scale object, robotic gripper, active support splint, power assist wear for rehabilitation and bio-inspired. Researchers are much more focused on developing soft actuator because of its simple structure, high compliance, high power to weight ratio, high water resistance, light-weight and low production cost.

One of soft actuator application is soft robotic hand by combining 3 actuators. soft robotic hand can grip/handle
any fragile stuff

Our booth during INATEX 2011 at Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM


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