Project Supervision



1) Dr. Elango NatarajanInvestigations on Skin material for Soft Robot Hand applied to Soft Manipulations.

(B) PhD

1) Ili Najaa Aimi NordinSoft Exoskeleton Utilizing Soft Actuator Performing Passive Range of Motion Exercise to Stroke Patient

2) Khairuddin Osman Intelligent Controller Design for Pneumatic Actuator System

3) Muhammad Rusydi Muhammad RazifDevelopment of A New Propulsion System For A Marine Vessel Based On Fish Locomotion Using Soft Actuator

4) Noorhazirah SunarModeling and Controller Design for Position Tracking of an Electro-Pneumatic Actuator with Control Valve

5) Syed Najib Modelling and Controller Design of Industrial Pneumatic Actuator System


1) Nu’man Din MustafaGeneralized Predictive Controller design for Pneumatic model with different stiffness characteristics and application in Haptic interface

2) Muhammad Asyraf bin AzmanPosition Controller of Pneumatic Cylinder and It’s Application to Linear Stabilizing System

3) Mohd Ridzuan Johary Development of Motion Simulator Platform Using Intelligent Pneumatic Actuator



1) Omer FarisReceding Horizon Controller design for Position and Force Control of an Intelligent Pneumatic Actuator (IPA) system

2) Yeow Seuk Fei Robust Positional Controller Design For a Double Acting Cylinder

3) Seyed Mehdi Seyed Hosseini – System Identification and controller design of a single link pneumatic artificial muscle

4) Zalina Kamis Position and force control of an Intelligent Pneumatic Actuator (IPA) using Slide Mode Control

5) Hirzi Mohd IshakApplication of Harmony Search Algorithm for tuning Proportional- Differential Fuzzy Controller for Position Control in Pneumatic Actuator

6) Ubaidullah AzizThe Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) Optimization Approach To Optimize Generalized Predictive Control (GPC) for Pneumatic Actuator System

7) Ahmad Sharifuddin Mamat Harmony Search Algortihm (HSA) Optimization In Tuning Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Controller For Pneumatic Cylinder


1) Shahrul ‘Irfan Muhamad SharifKinect Controlled Humanoid Robot Based on Human’s Body Gestures

2) Muhamad Azmi Samad Automation System For Agriculture Application Using Image Processing

3) Hakim Qaid Abdullah AbdulrabDesign of Flexible Micro Actuator for a Snake-like Manipulator

4) Ting Kie SengSoft Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Robotic Arm

5) Safuan RazaliWireless Controlled Mobile Robot Using Smartphone




1) Mohamed OmerSystem Identification and PI Neuro Fuzzy Control of A Pneumatic Actuator (2013)

2) Teh Chuan Enn Modelling, Position And Viscosity Control of Intelligent Pneumatic Actuator (2013)


1) Mohamad Noraffandi Mohd Daut Six DOF Mobile Robot Manipulator (2012)

2) Muhamad Ridwan Che Awang Autonomous Battery Replacing Mobile Robot (2012)

3) Ting Siow Yong Robot Arm Controller by Human Movement (2012)

4) Nur Fatiha Rosli Robot Arm End Effecter control using Soft Actuator (2012)

5) Quek Yeong Hua Voice Regulated Mobile Robot (2011)

6) Muhammad Nur Rahami Rosli Two Wheel Balancing Robot (2011)

7) Mohd Hafiz AzizanWeb-Based Teleprogramming Mobile Robot (2011)

8) Mohamad Syafeeq Azrain ShazliRobotic Arm Functioning Using Image Processing (2011)

9) Muaammar Hadi Kuzman Ali Mobile Robot With Vision System (2011)

10) Ng Lai Kwan – Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Control In Coupled Tanks Using Labview (2006)

11) Ahmad Mukhlis MukhtarRoom Cooling System (Home Water Tank Application) (2006)

12) Khairul Anuar IdraisMultipurpose Touch Panel for Restaurant (2006)

13) Teo Yuan Wei – Self Balancing Robot To Prevent Water Splitting During Car Driving (2006)


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