23 Jul

Climbing and Walking Robot- CLAWAR 2012

The international conference of climbing and walking robot 2012 was held at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore USA on July 23-26, 2012. CLAWAR Association will be incharged in organizing CLAWAR conference annually since 1998, mostly in Europe and Southeast Asian countries. The CLAWAR 2012 conference was organized by CLAWAR Association together with US universities and US government organization.

The event generally includes presentations from people all over the world involved in fast growing field nowadays, Mobile robotics.  I represented one of the paper from our group that was accapted in the conference, entitle “Application of New Braided Soft Actuator Design in Biomimetic Robot Locomotion”. Since I was the only participant from Malaysia, having educational experiences from various people from different country was interesting and great.  Besides attending plenary talks, other researcher conference presentations and poster presentations, there were laboratory visit at Johns Hopkins University. Participating laboratories were Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics and the Locomotion in Mechanical and Biological Systems Lab.

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