29 Mar

UTMost Imagination

Innovation and Creativity Festival

UTMost Imagination is a UTM-wide yet prestige event that showcases the innovative and creative skills of students, faculties and staffs. This event is open to other participant from various schools and colleges that would like to share ideas and concept of low carbon society which they might think relevant to their field. The ideas itself can also turn to creative and fun games and competition. This event was successfully held on 29 March 2012 until 1 April 2012 at Padang Kawad, UTM, Skudai.


         Participants from different kind of field joined in to support and show innovative and creative spirit, including students and staffs from Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Projects and research were demonstrated to the visitors. Hands-on demonstration set up was also included for the visitors to experience the excitements and acknowledge new ideas and concept regarding to each project presented. Faculty of Electrical Engineering opened a booth containing three main projects covering the concept of image processing, controlling and automations. Even though the booth was not attractive enough to attract visitors but participants are able to communicate and pursue visitors with the demonstrations of projects.


           One of the project that was presented in the exhibition is Intelligent Pnuematic Actuator (IPA) System and It’s Application on Chair’s Seat Panel and Soft Actuator which was conducted by Nu’man, Asyraf and Muhammad Omaer for the Pneumatic System and Rusydi and Ili for Soft Actuator! The concept of IPA is basically pneumatic cylinders which are consists of PSoC (brain), pressure sensor, optical encoder and valve. It’s a novel creation by Dr Ahmad Athif which comes with a brilliant idea that makes pneumatic system more intelligent and useful. However, there was issue on handling the equipments. Due to limited electricity resources (on the 1st day event), the project cannot be demonstrated as expected. Intelligent Pneumatic Actuator (IPA) System and It’s Application on Chair’s Seat Panel is a intelligent yet creative project which attract visitors to learn and acknowledge new ideas that was created and developed by FKE students and staffs. It is an interesting project that could be applied in the field of manufacturing, pick and place, packaging and etc. The idea and concept was clearly stated and define to the visitors. However, the design was not flexible and attractive to pursue users.

Picture During Festival

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